Chiropractic! It is for life, happiness and prevention. Not just for injuries, disease or sickness.

At Meleski Family Chiropractic we understand the literal translation of Doctor as an Educator and Teacher. We encourage and assist our patient’s and their families in having a more proactive attitude towards health and healing. Dr. Mike finds that the more responsible a patient (or parent) is the better they feel, costing them much less on medical service and increasing their enjoyment in life.

Meleski Family Chiropractic, LLC Mission Statement

To teach our patients how to get and stay well. To minimize treatment frequency while helping them to recognize the importance of wellness and supportive care for their whole family.

Our Vision

That our patients will embrace a healthy and responsible life style and then share this knowledge with others, leading the world into a happier place.

Dr. Mike likes to compare himself to a good ‘ol country doc in the sense that he is there in times of need and always has time to educate. He is a family wellness Chiropractor with over twenty years of experience, and a 1990 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Meleski has post-graduate education in rehabilitation, exercise, natural medicine and nutrition.